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“Signs like rock carvings, precious mosaic tiles that fit into another matter, to last over time.”<br>
Walter Bernardi




Traces #01


Tracce #02


Walter Bernardi mosaicist and painter lives in Mel (BL). At the beginning of the Seventies, he attended a two-year course in artistic mosaic in Venice. Initially, he was a landscape painter linked to the Venetian tradition, over time he transformed the landscape idea with a deeper analysis of the relationship with nature and its territory. At the same time he carries out a purely abstract research unrelated to any figurative element, where, generated by an imaginary initial chaos, the colors live and act independently and, moving in space, acquire energy, hide in the darkness, re-explode in the light, oppose each other in sudden clashes between hot and cold, between primary and complementary, fluctuate and dance, they unite enveloping and dissolve in dust, evolving, in the course of work, towards a non-premeditated ending and often a starting point for subsequent, new paths.

Art career

Numerous exhibitions in private galleries and public spaces, among which we can mention among others, in recent years, in 2006 in Florence and Paris, in 2008 in Vienna, Rome and Milan. In 2010 in Burgos in Spain, in Lignano and Udine. In 2011 at the Unesco Center of Bologna. In 2012 at the Atelier Chagall in Milan. “La via italiana all ‘informale”, (traveling exhibition concomitant with the release of the homonymous volume published by Giorgio Mondadori Ed.) In Venice, Ferrara and Milan. In 2013 Asolo Golf Club. In 2014 Galleria 20 in Turin, “Cromatismi” Villa Luisa Francesca in Montebelluna, Galleria No Limits Flay in Rimini, “Between reason and sentiment” Palazzo della Racchetta in Ferrara and Palazzo Ricci Oddi in Piacenza, “World Wide Art at 360 ° “at SpazioEventArt Pergine and Hortus Artieri in Trento and personal exhibition at Spazio E in Milan. In 2015 “Koinè 2015” Spazio E in Milan, Ricci Oddi Complex in Piacenza, Galleria del Rivellino in Ferrara, “Painted Stars” at BonTajer in Lentiai. In 2016 “Koinè 2016” in Rome, at the MUEF Gallery and in Naples, at the Castel dell’Ovo. Personal exhibition in the Pro Loco of Busche. “Origines”, Palazzo delle Contesse, Mel, “Homage to the landscape” Center of nature and culture Vejò Valmorel. 2017 – “Three personalities compared” ItinerArte Gallery Venice. 2018 – “Artists of the Left Piave” Municipality of Limana – “Pikadi par an fià” Mel Palazzo delle Contesse. 2019 – Collective Spazio E, Milan and ItinerArte Gallery, Venice – “Il Segno” Prize Vi.P. Gallery, Valbrembana – “Volo Pindarici”, Personal Exhibition of the winners of the “Il Segno” award. Vi.P. Gallery Milan. “Once upon a time there was the forest – Artists tell Vaia” Fondaco delle Biade, Feltre.