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– Second life of ceramics

Working with eyewear design was an extension of my work with ceramics. In it I am inspired by natural motifs, creating herbal prints and using textures that I find around me. Sometimes the ceramic pieces have defects in the workmanship, in the firing process. I break these pieces, but I don’t throw them away, I use them to create mosaics. Ceramics, with their random combination of footprints and textures, are precious to me because, like other objects, they retain the warmth of a hand and hours and hours of work. These pieces are of great value to me, because imperfections are beautiful too.





Second life of ceramics


Viktoria Samuseva is born in Chernogorsk, Siberia, Russia. Graduated from the State Art College of Irkutsk in 2014, in 2020 she obtained the economic degree in RANHIGS academy of Tomsk. Today she lives in Novosibirsk and works with the handmade ceramics (tableware and decor). EHR research is about volume and decorative techniques.