Timothy Washington


U.S.A. New York – Artist Timothy Washington – Nome opera – Untitled Description artwork I wanted to make the glasses as authentic and natural as possible. Wood is one of the most natural resources we have on the earth therefore I felt it would leave the glasses the most authentic looking. Blue is a color […]

Mattia Novello


Italy – Artist Mattia Novello – Nome opera Lovers Description artwork When I thought about how to make this work, I began to analyse the object and its function. Aesthetics, functionality, lightness, elements linked precisely to the object. But who benefits from this? Us. I believe that love is the engine that moves our society, […]

Erik Sommer


U.S.A. New York – Artist Erik Sommer – Nome opera — Untitled (gray glasses) — Untitled (white glasses) Description artwork Gray Glasses: The cement pair I covered with Portland Cement. I have done a few projects using cement, and really like how the seemingly heavy and ugly cement makes the objects appear fragile and delicate. […]