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Casita bizcocho

Casita bizcocho is a complex of symbols that are repeated in several of my series and that in this case are found in the space of the telescope, which is an artifact for vision. The signs tell the way we live today, which is why the building is immersed in the cup of coffee that represents the rhythm with which life flows in industrialized societies, the roses have invaded the legs of the glasses like a seducing weed for its beauty, they are the death of traditions and the replacement of the native. The smoking heart is hope, the life that beats and insists despite everything on its intrinsic strength. I have tried in this small space to establish a narrative between the meaning of the object that is an instrument for seeing and what worries me about our present and our acting as a species.

Ricardo Álvarez



Casita bizcocho


Ricardo Álvarez, plastic artist and documentary maker. He was born on May 12, 1970, in Havana Cuba, studied visual arts at San Alejandro National School, later studied documentary writing and directing in Paris, France. He has exhibited in various galleries in Venezuela, Paris and Asunción. In Venezuela he made his debut in the world of cinema making storyboards and reproducing paintings for sets. With his documentaries he has participated in various festivals, including DOK Leipzig 2008, Germany; Malaga 2009, Spain; Santiago Álvarez in memoriam, Cuba among others.

2019, guest artist at the Oxygen Art Fair, 2016 Artist selected to be part of the “Genealogies, Puerto Casado” program in 2015 received a special mention in the Greenhouse Award. Art and political experimentation and the First Prize at the Visual Arts Competition of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Asunción.

He has held group and solo exhibitions at the Casa Mayor and Verónica Torres Art Collection Galleries, as well as solo exhibitions at the Fábrica gallery and at Hive, spaces he currently works with. His works are in the main collections of Paraguay and are also part of the collection of the Fundación Texo para el Arte Contemporáneo.

Audiovisual experience

Managing Partner and Director Kinemultimedia SRL, Asunción Paraguay 2007 – 2013 Direction and camera of institutional and author documentaries Direction of documentary series for Italian web television Direction of communication campaigns Director of videoclips Clients: Avina, Fundación Paraguaya, IDB , Bank World, GTZ, Alter Vida

Direction and production
Author documentary, “Paraguay was news” 2007 Made with the support of Fondec, UNICEF and Channel 13. Winning project of the Film Observatory Award for best essay documentary at the Documentary Production Forum of Buenos Aires 2007 (DocBsAs 2007). Official selection at the International Documentary and Animation Film Festival, DOK Leipzig 2008, Germany. Official Selection International Festival of Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam, Santiago de Cuba, 2009. Official Selection of the Festival of Malaga, Spain, 2009.

Direction and production
Documentary by the author, “Ogwa, memoria de un pueblo” 2005 Made with the support of FONDEC, Paraguay and CIFAP, France. Official Selection for the Enrique Grau Documentary on Art Award, Bogota Film Festival 2007. Selected at the Misiones Ethnic Film Festival, Argentina, and Obera en shorts, Argentina, and part of the exhibition “Les Chemins du Barroque”, France 2007/2008. Official selection of the Münster Latin American Film Festival, Germany 2009

Other professional experiences
1998 Story Board and reproductions of paintings for scenographies on Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) 2002-2006 Intermittent of shows, Eurodisney, Paris 2017 – 2018 Managing partner and Founder of Mundo Pacìfico SRL, a vegetarian gastronomic company in the gestation process. 2016 – 2018 Conceptual development of Oxigeno Art Fair, audiovisual content of the website, production and project management.


Lycée polyvalent Etienne – Jules MAREY, Boulogne Billancourt, France 2002 – 2003
Professor of Lycée Professionnel Art Daniel Balavoine, Bois Colombes, France 2003 – 2004 Professor of Visual Representation and History of Art, Faculty of Graphic Design, University Americana, Asuncion, Paraguay. 2007 – 2008 Professor of Theory of Image in Film Specialization at Columbia University 2013
Workshop on artistic expression, drawing and painting at Atelier Álvarez – Nuovo 2015 -2018 Professor of martial arts, GCERCCE, Paris, Ile de France 2002 – 2206
Teacher martial arts, Paraguayan Cultural Center of Japan 2011 – 2015 Martial arts teacher Santarelli Fit Club 2017-2018

Academic background

Director de documentales CIFAP, Montreuil France 2005 Creador of the website CNA-Cefag, Paris, France 2001 Licenciatura en Bellas Artes Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, San Alejandro, La Habana, Cuba 1998 3er Dan de Aikido GCERCCE, Paris France 2005

Awards and honours

2016 Primer Prize in the Concurso de Artes Visuales de la Embajada de la República Federal de Alemania in Asunción. 2016 Artist selected to form part of the “Genealogías, Puerto Casado” program which with the apoyo of the Horizonte 2020 program of the Unión Europea a través de la Universidad Ca’Foscari de Venecia, Parsons-The New School of New York and the Center of Visual Art / Museo del Barro por su programa espacial Seminar / Crítica. She paints the Juan de Salazar de España Cultural Center. 2015 Mención especial Greenhouse Award. Art, Politics, Experiment. 2014 Segundo Prize in the Concurso de Artes Visuales de la Embajada de la República Federal de Alemania en Asunción. 2009 Film selection “Paraguay fue noticia” Festival de Málaga, España. 2008 Selección de la película “Paraguay fue noticia” DOC Festival de Leipzig, Leipzig, Alemania. 2007 Official selection of the documental “Ogwa, memory of a pueblo” in the Festival de Cine de Bogotá. Bogota Colombia. Observatorio Cinematográfico 2007 award to the best ensayo documental to the project “Paraguay fue noticia” in the documentary production forum of Buenos Aires, DocBsAs. 2005 Diploma of “Medal of the jeunesse and the sports” (Medalla de la Juventud y el Deporte) For distinguishing honorable man in the meaning and diffusion of the traditional aikido within the association, Paris, France.


2021 Love. Personal exhibition in the Pmmery space, SAX departments with the BGN Arte Gallery. Oxygen Fair 2020
2019 Ronin. Personal exhibition at Hive Coworking.
2018 After the cuirass you saw my chest. Personal exhibition at Hive Coworking.
2016/2017 Artist selected to be part of the “Genealogies, Puerto Casado” program which has the support of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union through the Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Parsons-The New School of New York and the Centro de Artes Visuales / Museo del Barro for the program of the Space / Criticism seminar. The Juan de Salazar Cultural Center of Spain collaborates. Traveling group exhibition Puerto Casado, Asunción, New York, Venice, Barcelona. 2016 Collective exhibition “Invernadero. art, politics and experimentation”, Juan de Salazar Cultural Center of Spain, Asunción, Paraguay
2016 Personal exhibition “Flight to nowhere” Galería Fabrica, Asunción, Paraguay.
2015 Personal exhibition “Planet Love” Galería Fábrica, Asunción, Paraguay. 2014 Personal exhibition “Summer in the living room” Galería Fábrica, Asunción, Paraguay.
2013 Solo exhibition “Recent works” Galería Fábrica, Asunción, Paraguay. 2011 Collective exhibition Verónica Torres Art Collection. Assumption. Paraguay.
2010 Collective exhibition. Casamayor Gallery, Asuncion, Paraguay. 2003/2006 Toast Gallery, permanent collective exhibition, Paris, France. 2003/2006 ArtFloor online gallery, permanent collective exhibition, Paris, France
2004 Selam Gallery, personal exhibition, Paris, France. 2003 Selam Gallery group exhibition and action painting, Paris, France. 2002 Adzak Museum, collective exhibition, Paris, France. 2001 Latin World Festival, group exhibition, Issy les Molineaux, France. 2000 Multiarte Gallery collective exhibition, Asunción, Paraguay.