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Philip Darnton
Dr Phil

Name artworks

– Fragmented Reality
– Laced with Delight

Fragmented reality
Reflecting light and some visual image distortions of the surrounds of the wearer. The more you stop to stare, the clearer you see yourself.

Laced with Delight
Delicate and sweet, a touch of elegance and feminine energy. A much softer counterpart to fragmented reality. The darkness of the frame is a welcome balance to the delicate detailing.

Philip Darnton – Dr Phil




– Fragmented Reality
– Laced with Delight


I am a young emerging British sculpture artist, currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Recently graduating from a postgrad in architecture, I am interested in all forms of design and sculpture. In most recent years working in large-scale sculpture installations and taking part in the annual SWELL Sculpture Festival on Currumbin Beach.

I am fascinated by paradoxes and visual illusions, this is where my love for mirrors stems from, and I continue to try to incorporate them throughout my projects. M.C. Escher’s work has always fascinated me and continues to be a relevant influence, coupled with grasping ideas and experiences from childhood. I am not so concerned with creating beautifully crafted works but more so visually appealing experiences.