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Other ways of looking

Receiving a pair of glasses to intervene made me think about the paradox of visual arts and the difficulty of the view that a pair of glasses represent. So, I decided to propose the experience of other ways of looking through these glasses. Difficult ways of seeing intervened by colour and distortion and the idea of blocking the view as a stimulus of the other quattro senses. This due pair of glasses are designed to be worn, and not just to be admired as a unique piece of art. They are the windows of an aesthetic experience.
Olivia Busse



Other ways of looking


Olivia Busse lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Visual Arts from the “Universidad del Museo Social Argentino” (UMSA). She attended workshops of training in watercolor and drawing and conducted training workshops in photography and lighting. Currently she proposes small aesthetic experiences seeking to involve the viewer actively in her work. She teaches visual arts in the studio that belonged to her father years ago. This art center is now called El Blanco, Centro de Experimentaciones Artísticas. It is focused on sharing and expanding knowledge regarding different crafts linked to art, thus promoting small affective communities around practices, knowledge and techniques. In 2020 she received she received the recognition of “Young Promise” delivered by the Argentinian Association of Visual Artists (AAVRA).