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E. Lopez

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Recycle 2019

Recycling is an action that must be in the conscience of every individual. The great technology that has reached us must serve for the comfort of man, not for his destruction. Our electronic devices must be repaired not replaced. We are seduced by the low prices offered by countries whose workers are exploited. Recycling is the process from which a product can be used again. With this artwork RECYCLE I present you with a television screen that I rescued from a dumpster, everything has a use not a disuse. To all of you I ask, to be conscious about recycling to help the survival of man.
Norma E. Lopez





Recycle 2019


Norma Esperanza Lopez

was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia where she started as an art student at a very early age. She continued her education in Minnesota University pursuing her degree in Astronomy and simultaneously continuing her artistic education. After Minneapolis, Norma Esperanza started a worldwide pilgrimage looking for artistic knowledge, studying and assisting to workshops all over the world; Italy, France, New York City, Texas, Colombia to finally settle down in Boston where she graduated at the School of the Museum of Fine Art. Norma has shown her work internationally and locally- Boston, New York City, Miami, Spain and Italy. She also represented Colombia at the White House because of her artistic work in social issues. The essence of her work is inspired by the human spirit: its simplicity, its complexity, and its ubiquity. The great variety that can be derived from the three-basic primary colours parallels the variety found in the human spirit. This allows her to express the subtleties, the rawness, and the honesty that defines who and what we are as human beings.

Academic background


1988 – School of Museum of Fine Arts; Tufts University Five Year Program
1976 – Minnesota University & Minneapolis College of Art & Designs
1973 – Several National and International Workshops