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Nicolas Fiedler

Brazil – Artist

Nicolas Fiedler

Brazil – Artist


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Nicolas is the Art Director and Creative Director of Fiedler Institute of Technology, (Brazilian company that signed 3 stadiums and more then 2000 structures) and the Advanced Design Researcher of the global network of designers and architects e-Dau, and one of the minds behind F-Wind, a startup who proposes to reinvent the Eolic energy generation.

He is the designer of the Path of Consciousness, exhibited in Palazzo Mora, for the Time Space Existence exhibition curated by the ECC.

Nicolas has a portfolio of more than 50 projects of metallic and membrane structure assembled in South America, working mostly creating structures for festivals of music and art, and theaters, developing partnerships with architects that sign his projects.

Nicolas out architecture school, because he would refuse to design things copying old styles, he reinvented himself as an artist. He puts his soul and heart in front of everything he does and believes a structure must have a unique history background, respecting material, functionality, and an organic logic, like the universe itself.

Nicolas don’t believe in categorizing things, the pursuit of high achievements process in the outside world must always start inside the one who does it, never the opposite.