Peru – Artist

Monica Tuss
de Orbegoso

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Natural inner beauty that nature creates without consciousness and the ephemeral poetry of organic elements.
Monica Tuss






Monica Tuss de Orbegoso (1980) born and based in Lima, Peru. Influenced since early age by her family to artistic activities and to natural environments. Studied forestry science at National Agraria La Molina University (2001-2007). Her academic and professional experience as a forest engineer working in tropical forests and within rural livelihoods was mainly dedicated to reforestation activities oriented towards social development and sustainability. After almost a decade involved in the forestry sector, in 2012 she went to Florence, Italy to follow fine art studies specifically painting, drawing and etching.

Driven by the fact that art is a powerful communication tool, all the previous experience is now the foundation of her artistic research. She explores and investigate aspects of science apply to nature aiming to raise awareness about environmental concerns and policies in Peru related to sustainable land use and its nature conservation. Cartography and satellite images of Peruvian geographical regions with parcels, rivers, roads are used to create and overlapped geometric structures.
The use of maps, vectors, polygon, layers represented, and natural organic shapes enhance the contrast between rigid and the organic matter, where geometry represents human perception and tendency to homogenize reality. She explores with various materials such as, etching over mirror and wood but mainly painting over canvas with acrylic, oil and metallic foils (bronze, gold, etc). She has works in private collections and participated in collective exhibitions.