Ecuador – Artist

Marcello Martinez


La danza de Moni e Andrea

To create a playful commission and above all to respond to an aesthetic concern, two of my friends, colored birds, Moni and Andrea, give me two frames of lenses to convert them and use them as a basis to create two free form works of art. And concept. As always before any project, I usually plan even the smallest detail to avoid surprises, this is my way of working on projects. In this case not just the idea of having (the black forest) as a motivation and the two colored birds as a goal. I picked up these shapes and discarded them around. Forms without any thought, with no other objective than to have fun as we do with these two friends at great dinners talking about art. Major projects planned and implemented. In other words, finally another experiment that remains an experiment. Thanks to the colorful birds.
Marcello Martonez Vega




La danza de Moni e Andrea #01


La danza de Moni e Andrea #02


Marcello Martinez Vega was born in Equador. He lives and works in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Academic background

1987 Diploma in sculpture and etching, Universidad Central del Ecuador Quito.  

1987 Sculptures and Engravings Diploma, Universidad Central de Quito, Ecuador

Art career

2019 “Back to Black Forest” “ECC Personal Structures” during the Venice Biennale 2019.

2017 “Homme Food / Homeless” Foundation GAAF “Personal Structures” during the Venice Biennale 2017

2015 “Black Forest” Foundation GAAF “Personal Structures” during the Venice Biennale 2015 Venice to Miami, Rimoni Gallery, Miami, USA

2013 5th artist at Messe Stuttgart

2012 “SHO Homage to Dance”, Kulturelles Zentrum Gartenflügel, Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland

2011 4th artist Messe Stuttgart.Gasmann Tübingen, “With, with”

2010 Cielo tierra y besos pictures and objects, Cultural Center Garden Wing, Ziegelbrücke Switzerland

2008 video installation “El Beso del Tango”, PVC, Theater Freiburg, Freiburg

2007 “The Tears of Eros”, Meckel-Halle, Sparkasse Freiburg

2005 “The Tears of Eros” Cultural Center Garden Wing, Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland

2003 Project: Walled Europe or The Ship is Full, Freiburg

2002 Project: Democracy equals Utopia for Documenta XI, Kassel

1999 Garden of Peace project, Freiburg

1998 Darmstadt Secession, Darmstadt

1996 Adelhauser Museum, Department of Ethnology, Freiburg

1995 Deutsche Bank, Hagen

1993 Sonder Art, Cologne (collective)

1991 to 1992 project management: “500 Years of America”, Catholic Youth Office, Freiburg

1991 Ecostation Schattweid, Switzerland

1989 Centro de Estudos Brasileiros, Quito Centro Jose Marti “, Amsterdam Action Opening:” Open Haven Museum, Amsterdam

1981 La Galeria, Quito (collective), Equador