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– La conigliera
– L’ora del lupo

The series I dedicated to “Moi Aussi…” project is a tribute to the “Book of the Hunt”, a manuscript kept at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and ordered by Gaston Phébus, Count of Foix, around 1387. My interest in this text is due to a personal research, which has always linked me to medieval art and symbolism, so on this particular occasion I wanted to deepen the strange theme of hunting in medieval art. Trying to rework the imagery proposed by Phébus, I tried to understand and re-propose the symbologies and imaginaries dating back to the time of this particular manuscript, stumbling upon the very contradiction that determines the object of art. In fact, my choice inadvertently fell on a hunting manual, which although full of miniatures is still thought to be a manual, rather than on one of the many paintings depicting hunting scenes. Entering, I think, in communion with what is one of the main aims of the project, to show the possibilities of art, even in the most common objects, where we normally see nothing but technical functions.
Luca Ceccherini




La conigliera


L’ora del lupo


Luca Ceccherini was born in Arezzo (Tuscany) on 09/21/1993. Currently he is graduating from the master’s degree course in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. He lives and works between Venice and Turin.

Academic background

2013- Achievement of the theatrical diploma at the Free Academy of the Theatre of Arezzo. 2018- Achievement of the first level degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, specialization in Painting.

Art career / Exhibitions and projects

2019 – “where to now?”, collective project curated by Estuario, Prato  2018 – “Esperantina Pingendi”, collective exhibition, at the Four of September theater gallery , (Teresina, state of Piaui, Brazil) 2017 –  “Da di lì, sentieri di Carda”, collective exhibition, Palazzo Giorgi, Poppi, Arezzo “Rosss-Opera”, collective project curated by Adriano Bimbi, Scarperia and San Piero, Florence 2016 – “Due scuole a confronto”, collective exhibition, Fornace Pasquinucci, Capraia and Limite, Florence “Maestri e studenti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze”, collective exhibition, Lyceum club, Florence


“Lo spirito del lago: il paesaggio come ritratto e partitura musicale”, exhibition catalogue, Bandecchi edition, Vivaldi, Pontedera, (PI) 2016  “Rosss-Opera”, project catalog, Pacini graphic industries edition – Ospedaletto, Pisa 2017