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Castling is a particular move in the game of chess. In fact, it is the only move that allows you to move two pieces at the same time, moreover it is both a defensive and a positive move and it indicates an arrival point, but also a departure point.
Kreshnik Sulejmani







Kreshnik Sulejmani is an Albanian artist based in Trieste.


Art career

2019 “InsidersECC”, Palazzo Mora, Venice. From 1st to 24th November. Idea and organization by Emma Soletti. Project promoted by the European Cultural Center.

Art residency as part of the “Harvest 2019” – Agriculture community art event. From 16 to 21 September. Dordolla, Moggio Udinese, Udine. Event organized by the “Cort dai Gjats” association. Initiative financed by the FVG Region.

2017 “Ombre”, a collective exhibition organized by the Sulfur-Red Cultural Association for Artnight Venice. June 17, at ZolfoRosso, Santa Croce, Venice.

2015 “Interaction Generation” Atelier 3 + 10, International Cultural Association, Mestre. From 27 October to 10 November. Exhibition curated by Saverio Simi de Burgis.

Artistic residency as part of the “Harvest 2015” Alpsculture initiative.

Peasant Culture, Art and Community Festival. Val Aupa, Moggio Udinese. From 19 to 25 October.

Event organized by the associations La Cort dai Giats and Menti Libera, with the patronage of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region.

“Zoomaginario – Fantastic bestiary: a parallel and impossible zoo”. From 12 June to 31 October at the ZOOM biopark in Cumiana, Turin. Curated by Francesca Canfora and Daniele Ratti; in collaboration with Paratissima.

2014 “Kikira”, personal exhibition at the Fenice Gallery, Venice. From April 19th to May 17th. Exhibition curated by Cecilia Tirelli.

“NOW – Contemporary Art Exposition”, from 20 to 28 September, at the Villa Farsetti in Santa Maria di Sala, Venice. Project by the Nomoi Collective.

“Art Souvenir Al-bunduqiyya”, curated by Cecilia Tirelli. La Fenice Gallery, Venice.

2013 “Contemporary kaleidoscope”, exhibition as part of the “Merry Christmas 2013” initiative promoted by the Trieste Chamber of Commerce, organized by the Juliet Association. Project of the Nomoi Collective presented by Luft-Cultural Association for the Safeguard of the Future Artistic Panorama; coordinated by Francesca Zucca. From 13 December to 20 January, Luisi Art & Space, Trieste.

“Anima montis – Reflections on space as a place”, artistic meditations and explorations between nature and culture. Curated by Gianna Genero, Kaspar Nickles, Ernesto Paulin. August 31, Dordolla, Moggio Udinese, Udine.

“At the source of Art” – Young artists in Caldonazzo. From 29 August to 1 September at the Casa della Cultura, Caldonazzo, Trento. Curated by Stefania Simeoni.

“Unbridgeable distances”, at the Saletta d’ori, church of San Pantalon, Venice. From June 28 to July 7. Curated by Tommaso Squaiera.

2012 “A gondola on the lake”, “La Fonte” Art Center, from 25 to 29 July, at the former Dairy, Caldonazzo, Trento. Curated by Stefania Simeoni and Francesca Zucca.

“Falso”, workshop at the Bevilacqua LaMasa studios, Giudecca, Venice. Curated by Chiara Sorgato. September 14.

2009 “Al-bunduqiyya Collection”, as assistant to Maurizio Mercuri, June 3, at La Corte dell’Orso, Venice. Event curated by Cecilia Tirelli.