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The word “anatomy” derives from the Greek anatomḗ and it means ‘dissection’.

Anatomy to know, to observe in depth, to understand and then to translate.

Dissecting, in the drawing, allows you to see the interior, the container and the content, whatever the subject and its degree of complexity.

In my artistic research, which is aimed at the elaboration of a graphic rather than a performative work, I always start with anatomy. From my inside, from within the subject or space, from emotions and organs, from forms and their functions.

I mean anatomy as the art of knowing how to look and know.

Through this model of eyewear, I wanted to invite you to wear this same gaze, leave the surface for a moment and immerse yourself in a profound vision. It is a subtle provocation to dig, with courage and madness, to find the essence of what one has inside and around.

The frame has been hollowed out, engraved, marked by section lines of animal, plant, other, imaginary bodies. Wastes of muscles and contact points, joints, axes and segments.

The dark tone of the glasses refers to the darkness of internal, unrecognized worlds, while the pastel red that I normally use to study the anatomy of a body, but also to blood, to life.

These glasses allow you to embark on a journey, it is up to those who observe and wear them to accept the invitation.
Ilaria Salvagno







Ilaria Salvagno was born on 8 July 1993 in Venice where she currently lives and works. In her artistic research she investigates aspects related to the sphere of intimacy, sexual gender, and the relationship between the human body and the body of nature. In her projects, the collaboration and intervention of the public, the occupation of space through installations and performances and the use of different media and expressive approaches play a significant role. Her projects arise from impulses, from personal and private reflections that need to be said; a constant in her work is the anatomical drawing as a metaphor for her profound and analytical gaze towards her intimacy and the world around her. Each project is supported by a phase of in-depth study and research that offers an objective and reliable starting point for its personal expression. In her artistic research she aims to meet the other in order to create comparison and give voice to issues that are often not very comfortable, ignored, sometimes painful. This turning to the truest areas of herself, to the bowels, leads her to depict bodies often poised between the animal, human and natural being and to measure herself with movement through performance and theatrical improvisation. Dig and explore inside, dance her intimacy until it is made public, starting from her solitude to reach the other.

Academic background

2019 – Master Degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts, Area: Graphic Arts, Venice Fine Arts Academy (IT) – Voting: 110/110 cum laude 

2017/2018 – Erasmus +, Hear, Haute Ecole d’art du Rhin, Strasbourg (Fr)

2016 – First Degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts Disciplines, Area: Graphics Arts, Fine Arts Academy of Venice (IT) – Voting: 110/110 cum laude 

2011 – High school Diploma, Artistic High School of Venice (IT) – Voting: 100/100 

Art career / Collective exhibitions

2019 – To be here and there (cantieredivaia), 12 / 07-22 / 09/2019, Forte di Monte Ricco, Pieve di Cadore, curated by Gianluca d’Incà Levis and Evelyn Leveghi, Dolomiti Contemporanee

2019 – I’m my body, I’m my memory, 20-24 / 06/2019, Venice, Officine Forte Marghera Gallery, curated by Action Hybride

2018 – Incroyable mais frais, 19-27 / 05/2018, Strasbourg, La Semencerie, curated by Ateliers ouverts Strasbourg

2017 – She, Contemporary International Female’s Graphic Artist Exhibition, 1 + 1 Art center, Beijing, China

2017 – Look at me as much as possible, Venice, Cà Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art, curated by Elisabetta Barisoni and Alessia Del Bianco

2017 – Forme in mutamento, 2017 Rotary Art and Culture Award for young contemporary engraving, Venice, Marciana National Library, curated by Aldo Andreolo

2016 -Vivarium, languages ​​of contemporary art graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Venice, Magazzini del Sale 3, curated by Giuseppe Fabio De Liso, Alice Fasano, Amalia Nangeroni, Andrea Stegani, Menghan Zou

2016 – Rotary Art and Culture Award for Young Contemporary Engraving, Venice, Cà Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art, curated by Diego Vianello

2016 – Inspiro, SGGallery, International School of Graphics, Venice, curated by Stefano Mancini, Farbod Ahmadvand

Work experience

2019 to date – Freelance photographer

2019 to date – Photographer, social media manager, trainer for actors at the Venice Theater Research Center

2019 – Performer and trainer in The Party Wall performance by Corinne Mazzoli, 05/10/2019 for House of Displacement, curated by Campo Base, Turin

2018 – Artistic residency in La Semencerie, 01/07 / 2018-31 / 08/2018, Strasbourg (Fr)

2017 – Teaching assistant, course of artistic anatomy, prof. Mauro Zocchetta, Academy of Fine Arts of Venice

2016 – Performer in Come disinnescare una bomba, by Miriam Secco, 04/02/2016, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation Municipality of Venice

2015 – Performer in Repetitive Walk, by Hamish Fulton, 22/11/2015, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

2015 – Performer in The School of Narrative Dance, Public Parade, by Marinella Senatore, 11/08/2015, Venice