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“Let’s give them Easter every day!” – told Michele Ferrero to his collaborators in 1974, when he gave the input for the development of a product that marked entire generations around the world: the Kinder Surprise’ egg. “Do you know why children like Easter eggs so much? – asked the owner of the company – “Because they have surprises inside”. The hand-painted surprises of the 90s are now collector’s treasures, jealously guarded by the passionate owners.

The egg gave a smile and made you live the emotion of discovery. For a child, reality does not matter, because it will always be accompanied by his/her imagination. He/She doesn’t need much to be happy. The world of childhood is enchanted. Children look at everything with eyes of wonder. They let themselves be fascinated by everything around them. This is their strength, but also their weakness. Hence, the need to protect this universe and promote it so that it lasts in the hearts of the adults. Only the imagination can lift us to a higher level, broaden our horizons and thus transform our vision of life. If we are inspired and supported by the imagination, the events no longer appear to us as exclusively belonging to the physical plane and therefore subject to the law of gravity and inertia, but first of all, they become events of the soul and as such, they can be meditated, transfigured, transformed, with creativity and intelligence.

Drawing on childhood memories, these two works are intended to be a cheerful provocation not to take ourselves too seriously and never lose that inquisitive, carefree and full of enthusiasm spirit, with which we came into the world. There is an inner child inside each of us waiting to be questioned and ultimately, what more than creativity allows us to continue to play secretly and having fun?

It is a great honor, for the little girl inside of me, to bring my great little childhood companions to be part of a contemporary project like this, thus giving them a new opportunity to excite, entertain and inspire.
Giulia Bortolini








Giulia Bortolini (1989) was born and raised in the Dolomites, until she moved first to Milan and then to London where she graduated in Fashion Business at the Marangoni Institute. It’s in London that her creativity emerged, and she approached photography. In 2012 she founded The Skolz: a genuine source of inspirational photography based on the idea that everything can be interesting if we welcome what surrounds us with Irony and Enjoyment. A world beheld with the Innocence and Curiosity of a child, transforms the everyday life into a fantastic and entertaining journey, where the common becomes special, the ordinary appears extraordinary and the stranger becomes a friend. This apparent spontaneity is the result of a profound aesthetic reflection and a refined usage of colors.

In 2017 she undertook a career in hospitality, dedicating herself to the renovation and start-up of two holiday-homes – Chalet d’Ert e La Pita Agordina – closely collaborating with the Ladin sculptor and interior-designer Helmut Pizzinini (1961), her mentor and current partner.
In 2020 she participated in a collective exhibition of Ladin artists, at the Messner Mountain Museum Ripa in Brunico, Italy. Previously, he exhibited in 2012 at Fabrica 584 in the London district of Hackney, at the “Aperitivo al Verde” event in Castello di Godego (TV) in 2015 and at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano (BZ) in 2017.