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“Senza titolo”

I’ve always been fascinated by how beautiful and powerful the human body is, and by the many ways in which it expresses itself.

I’ve been using iron wire to draw the body in space, and I’ve always been intrigued by the lines that shape the body and by the multitude of intangible traits that the body draws in space as it moves.  

By using iron wire, I want to bring these traits to life and make them visible, creating weaves of moving bodies in a constant dialogue. I like to call it “sculpture in progress”: undefined, unconfined, my sculpture seems to be willing to expand.

On this new kind of “canvas” I express my poetics, in a boundary area between art, craftsmanship and design that characterizes part of my oeuvre. I work from instinct – something intentionally chaotic – only to polish it and better it with distinctive attention to detail. 

Thus, out of a series of casual traits and scratches, there appear outlines of bodies in iron wire, which are later varnished in bronze. The bodies, weaved and intertwined, leave the stricter environment of the “canvas” and develop in the surrounding space.

Their pose is casual, as is their weaving. The different figures originate one from the other. It is the movement that counts, as it flows and unravels. 

This is how my work becomes readable in time as well as in space.
Giovanni Pinosio






“Untitled” – Dettails


“There’s a precise moment in my life when I think I was born as an artist. During an afternoon home alone with my brother, I found a blue wool yarn and started creating a web of threads: I attached the thread to the window handle, then climbed on furniture to reach the highest shelf, then down to the door handle, and from the door handle to the table leg… I eventually filled the room with blue wool lines: my name is Giovanni, I am seven years old, and I want to become an artist.” 

I work with iron wire to make wire sculptures, pure drawings in boundless space.  I was born in Mestre (near Venice, Italy) in 1991. In 2017 I graduated in Sculpture from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe La Bruna. From 2014 to 2018 I tutored in Artistic Anatomy for professor Patrizia Lovato. During my studies, I took up figure drawing, which I then applied to sculpture and rendered threedimensional by using iron wire. To me, iron wire – at once strong and delicate – is what binds drawing and sculpting together, representing bodies and objects whose structure interacts with the space around it. I’ve always found working with iron wire fascinating for what it allows me to experience: meditation, waiting, silence, correlation, weaving and above all the musical quality of a line that is modelled in a harmonious and continual way. Since 2014 my works have been recognized and appreciated by gallerists, curators and critics, and have been shown in group and solo exhibitions. Thanks to my works I was awarded the Project Art Lab prize in 2016 and the Timeraiser Italia prize in 2019. My research has led me to produce furnishing objects, decorations, chandeliers, ornaments, commissioned by individuals and institutions, shops and other establishments, also in association with designer Andrea Vianello.                                                                                                                                                                            Since 2016, I’ve organised workshops and classes in wire sculpting for Venetian associations and venues, for those who are interested in learning this technique.      My workshop is in my hometown, Mira, near Venice.