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Name artworks

– Intersectio
– Sottopelle

The idea of ​​the intersection in the multifaceted natural context gave birth to the first work. The organic and inorganic surfaces bring a continuous layering of planes, lines in turn embroidered by completely unique patterns. The intersection between these elements is the result of the work, which aims to simulate the erosion process given by the interaction between natural elements and inorganic material, especially the petrous bodies. Here the given surface is no longer linear but interrupted by more or less decisive and marked grooves that make it tactile and irregular. How this process in the primordial context in the action of time leads to the emergence of underlying colors and stratifications of different nature in the same way the insertion of elements given by the action of color evokes the same action, almost like a “discovery” of slight underlying changes. “Intersectio” is therefore the search for these natural interactions reproduced by human hands, in an attempt to evoke their action and also to bring a more subtle perception of the idea of ​​time that is intrinsic to it. If, in fact, in a non-human context, or rather, not “machine”, these element-body interactions often follow long times that are visible not in the immediate action but in the long-term effects (think for example of the slow flow of water able to dig hard stones up to drill them) in the work this idea of ​​time wants to be evoked and yet distorted, in fact following completely different speed timings.
Francesca Rossato

“Sottopelle” is the sister work of Intersectio. Although they are somewhat different, they contain an important element in common that is the presence of one or more elements not visible but present under the surface of immediate vision. In this work, the attention shifts to the body, which is purely human. The skin is the part that faces the outside world and through which the most important exchanges in this interaction are allowed, it is the place where there is a physical encounter between the outside and the inside. In addition to this important function, it also has a completely specific connotation in the human context, it is where the eye rests, from where it draws a quick vision and yet, where it stops physiologically without being able to continue its exploration. “Sottopelle” shifts attention by placing what is under the skin in the foreground, in the other physical and invisible layers, protected. Although common to all human beings, the thought of these parts often arouses horror, discomfort and the work wants to leverage this subtle sensation. In the same way in which these specifically physical elements are proposed, another meaning takes place in parallel, relative to the “human universe”, that is, what moves behind the appearance and where the true being of the person often resides, given by multiple and infinite psychic games, true builders of the internal “body”. If in acting in light there is a delicate section on what to express and what not, in this place there is no possibility and even the brightest elements find their place together with the most hidden, primordial ones that can arouse fear just like the idea of ​​a body without skin. “Sottopelle” shows in a simultaneous vision these two aspects present at the same time in the physical and profound human system and placing the one evoking the and in the other.
Francesca Rossato








Francesca Rossato was born in Verona in 1994. She obtained her three-year degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and obtained the II level Diploma in Decoration in the homonymous institute. Since 2019 he is part of the Young Voice group of Science Gallery Venice, a network of galleries that deals with finding a union between art and science. She is a visual artist but this does not prevent her from experimenting in several facets of art. She has participated in exhibitions and artistic events including the realization of the short film “Knowledge of the folly” at the Teatro Ca ‘Foscari in Venice, the playful performance of Lisa Perini “Supernatural” in the Italian pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2019, participation in the performance ” Ora pro nobis “by Paolo Canevari for the finishing of a pavilion at the Venice Biennale of art, at the collective exhibition” Vastus “during Art Night in Venice in 2019, the exhibition for World Oceans Day” The art of science marine ”at the Arsenale of Venice and at the collective exhibition“ Archypelagos ”on the occasion of the Luigi Nono festival in the Emergency space in Giudecca in Venice curated by Nicola Cisternino and Luca Reffo. She also took part in other exhibitions including the collective exhibition “Made in Venice” at Made in… art gallery curated by Enas Elkhorashy in 2017 and in the project “Canvas / brush / colour” by Maria Eichhorn in collaboration with the biennial of Venice in 2015. Today she lives in Verona where she works and continues his artistic research by continuing her visual path and exploring other means such as sound art projects and performance.

Academic background


  • Member of the young voice group in Science Gallery Venice.
  • Second level degree in visual arts and performing arts in Decoration ai Academy of Fine Art of Venice for the academic year 2018/2019.


  • Eramsus+ experience at Science Gallery Dublin, organized by Science gallery International, 20 – 26th October.


  • First level degree in visual arts and performing arts in Painting at Academy of fine arts of Venice for the academic year 2016/2017.


  • Secondary school diploma in Communication High school of Cultural heritage at Seghetti Institute, Verona.

Art career


  • Participation in the “Spazio Vuoto” artist residency at Atelier 3 + 10 with final exhibition, Mestre, 14 September – 3 October.
  • Screening of the short film “Knowledge of the folly” by Francesca Rossato at the opening of the film festival “Barch – in” at Tesa 5, Arsenale di Venezia, 28 July.
  • Collaboration with the Instagram page Animauxsavage by Giada Fasoli with the illustrations “Equilibri”.
  • Participation in the “Stayarthome” online project by a group of students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, May.
  • Participation in the online Instagram project “Project isolaction” by IUAV University of Venice, opera “La dura veste”, April 29.
  • Projection of episode 1 of the short film “Knowledge of the folly” created by Francesca Rossato and Jared Munn in the occasion of the film festival “Nocturne Illusions” part 1 – Illusions in Miyazaki’s films, linked to the Illusion exhibition of Science Gallery, Teatro Ca ‘Foscari , Venice, February 21.


  • Ludic performance with the artist Lisa Perini for “Supernatural” with the involvent of the student of the primary school, curated by Nicola Cisternino, biennale Educational, italian pavilion, 22th November.
  • Partecipation in the performance of Paolo Canevari, curated by Francesca Pietropaolo, Santa Maria delle Penitenti Church, finissage pavilion of biennale of art, 23th of November.
  • Musical performance “Carved by water” created bwith the collaboration of Arianna Niero during the opening of the collective exhibition “L’ arte delle Scienze Marine” with Arianna Niero and Giulia Fulgaro at Chiostro M9, Mestre (VE), 11th October.
  • Exhibition of 8 illustration “I pesci che non esistono” at Libreria con gli Stivali, (collateral of the exhibition L’arte delle Scienze Marine), Mestre (VE), 11 – 25th October.
  • Collective exhibition “L’arte delle Scienze Marine” curated by Francesco Falcieri at M9 space, Mestre (VE), 11 – 25th October.
  • Partecipation in the musical performance “Mai la mia cella si muti in prigione” written by the italian composer Nicola Cisternino with the collaboration of Icarus Ensemble, at Forte Marghera, Mestre (VE), 10th October.
  • Voluntary perfomance participation at “Sun & Sea” by Lina Lapelyte, Vaiva Grainyte e Rugile Barzdziukaite, curated by Lucia Pietroiusti at lituanian padilion, Art biennale, Venezia, 22 June.
  • Collective exhibition “Vastus” curated by Mirella Brugnerotto and Elena Armellini at Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, 22 June.
  • Collective exhibition for the World Oceans day “L’ arte delle scienze marine” organized by CNR Institute of Sea Sciences, at CNR of Venice, 8 June.
  • Exhibition of the artistic collective EPTA and musical performance with Monia Zambon, “Essere Per Tracciare Anima” (Be to draw soul), Arzignano (VI), at Bottega d’Arte gallery, 12 January.


  • Collective exhibition and musical performance for Festival Luigi Nono, “Archypelagos” curated by Nicola Cisternino e Luca Reffo at Spazio Emergency, Giudecca, Venice, 10 – 31 October.
  • Collective exhibition and musical performance for “PLUS, ciò che ti appartiene” (PLUS, what’s yours) Festival, organized by Molto di più e Briciole di speranza associations, at the cloister of the friars parish san Giacomo, Monselice (PD), 5 September.


  • Collective exhibition for “Lorenzago aperta”, Lorenzago di Cadore (BL), curated by Francesca Casanova, July.
  • Collective exhibition “Made in Venice” curated by Enas Elkorashy at Made in.. art gallery, 1 – 15 May.
  • Collective exhibition “Segni Agathae” curated by Liborio Curione at GAM, Le Ciminiere, Catania, 20 February – 4 March.


  • Performance partecipation at the project “Tela/Pennello/Colore” by Maria Eichhorn, collaboration

with Art biennale of Venice, June – September.


  • Collective exhibition “L’Acqua è maestra” (Water is Guide) curated by Remo Salvadori at Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, collaboration Dynamo Camp Onlus association, 30 June. Other experiences and competence
  • Project in progress for the book ascription and illustration “Storie in siilenzio” by Francesca Rossato.
  • Live Instragram interview for the cycle “Creative interview” to Lucio Biondaro, physic director of the children museum of Verona and co-founder of Pleiadi’s group, April 22, 2020.
  • Podcast for the exhibition “Illusion” af Science Gallery International with the collaboration of Anna Meneghini and Giovanni Giuliari.
  • Radio training with Nicolò Groja at Ca’ Foscari University, Jenuary, 2020.
  • Publication of the article “Il suono rosso di Lisa Perini” in the contemporary art magazine Finnegans, curated by Diego Lorenzi, February 2020.
  • Publication of the article “Le Trombe del Giudizio di Michelangelo Pistoletto” for the festival SoundArt in Forte Mrghera in the contemporary art magazine Finnegans, curated by Diego Lorenzi, November,


  • Selection in the group of finalist for the letterary poetry competition “CET autori scuola di Mogol”, Aletti edition, 2018.
  • Selection in the group of finalist and publication of the collection for the letterary poetry competition “Verrà il mattino e avrà un tuo verso”, Aletti edition, 2018.
  • Teatral school at Ad Punctum Association, Verona, from 2014 to 2017.
  • Daf (traditional persian instrument) player.