Senegal – Artist

Sene Sow

Name artworks

– Voir sa mort sur mer
– Face à la vie sur terre




Voir sa mort sur mer


Face à la vie sur terre


My name is Fally Sene Sow; I was born on February the 18th 1989 in Dakar, Senegal. I am passionate about drawing and writing since my youngest age. I live in Colobane, a business center more or less informal, where indescribable scenes of life happen every day. It is a propitious place for an artist, a place of incessant discovery thanks to its colors, urban setting, social climate, and the order and disorder of its daily life. It is a place where we see lots of discarded objects, each has its own form and each form can include a teaching, and an experience to try. My work was influenced by a question that I often asked myself: why would someone continue to paint objects that are disintegrating? I guess the answer is that being an artist is considering that every event, object, action is worth of becoming a pictorial subject. In this case a particular moment arrives. It requires me to listen to my feelings; it is an inspiration that comes to me with strength, which shakes me by giving me an idea about the one property of the glass: its transparency. The idea of picking up objects and making them communicate with each other under the glass. This material protects those objects, but also reveals their true reality. This is how I chose my technique (installation under the glass) a frame in which I feel more creative, where I find my true expression. Nevertheless, since art evolves, my inspiration evolves, according to the news. I believe my art testifies of its time. Since there is so much to say about Colobane, I continue now, to make my works the testimony of specific moments.


2008 Espace «Fer et Verre» Biennale Dakar | DAK’ART/Col
2009 Locaux d’Eiffage Sénégal Expo Collective | « Regards sur cours » Ile de Gorée Expo Collective
2010 Galerie ATISS Expo Collective | Maison Aissa Dione Biennale Dakar | DAK’ART/Col
2011 Galerie 23 Amsterdam Expo Solo | Galerie Saana Amsterdam Expo Solo | BICICI Abidjan Expo Collective
2012 Maison Aissa Dione Biennale Dakar | DAK’ART/Col
2014 Goethe Institut Dakar Expo Solo | Editions Piasa (Ventes aux enchères)
2015 | Galerie Smend Cologne Allemagne Expo Solo | Clinique de la Madeleine Dakar Expo Solo | Résidence de la Fondation Blachère à la Somone | Little Art House Dakar Expo Collective
2016 | Biennale de Marrakech Expo Collective | Galerie Arte Saint Louis Biennale Dakar | DAK’ART/Col | Hôtel Djoloff Dakar Expo Collective | Galerie Arte Dakar Expo Solo
2017 | Forum International d’Assilah (Maroc) Expo Collective | Galerie 23 Amsterdam Expo Solo | Festival Inernational des Arts de Fadaes Ennas Casablanca
2018 Hôtel Novotel Biennale de Dakar | DAK’ART/Col| Waru Studio Dakar | Ateliers Céramiques des Almadies Dakar Expo Collective
2019 Galerie Kent University (Ohio) USA Expo Collective | Résidence Exposition Madrid avec la Fondation ANKARIA (Lauréat)| Zuccaire Gallery à New York Expo Collective| Salon National des Arts Visuels Dakar Expo Collective | Exposition NAVETANE Dakar