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The artwork is titled “Brutalist”. A tribute to Brutalist Architecture which emerged during the 1950’s in post war Great Britain. Brutalist buildings are characterised by minimalist construction techniques that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design. The Brutalist style commonly makes use of exposed concrete, angular shapes and a predominately monochrome colour pallet.
Clayton Blake




Brutalist #1


Brutalist #2


Australian born Clayton Blake is a multidisciplinary installation artist widely recognized for his extraordinary works that employ various elements of architecture and sculpture. His practice involves adapting everyday objects and materials to specific artistic and architectural applications. Clayton uses a diverse range of materials to create large scale, contemporary installations that challenge and excite. He constructs expansive works that respond to or reflect their environments, whilst challenging and distorting the viewer’s preconceptions of structures and space. 

Clayton attempts to expand the definition of art to include new forms of social engagement. He uses his art to promote discussion, encourage debate, and raise awareness about injustice, inequality and social change.

Clayton is a student of contemporary sculpture and a creator of interesting & thought-provoking objects.


Burning Man (USA) 2019
Burning Man (USA) 2018
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2020
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2019
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2018
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2017
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2016
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2015
Swell Sculpture Festival (QLD) 2014
BLAH! 2018 (QLD)
BLAH! 2017 (QLD)
Generate Festival (QLD) 2018
Earth Hour HOTA (QLD) 2018
Sculpture by the Sea (NSW) 2018
Sculpture by the Sea (NSW) 2015
Harbour Sculpture (NSW) 2017

Future Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition – Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art (2021)


Meow Wolf Las Vegas (USA) 2020 (Acquisition)

Nipton California (USA) 2019 (Acquisition)

Sand Safari Gold Coast (QLD) 2019

Rainbow Serpent Festival (VIC) 2018 (Acquisition)

Burleigh Brewing (QLD) 2018 (Acquisition)

Sand Safari Gold Coast (QLD) 2018

HOTA (Home of the Arts) (QLD) 2017

Future commissions
World Buskers Festival (NZ) 2021
Lorne Sculpture Biennale (VIC) 2021

ICON Magazine – Front Cover (Burning Man 2019)
Elle Decore – Miglior opera d’arte (Burning Man 2018)
Peoples Choice Award – Swell Sculpture Festival 2017
Premio Bendigo Bank Artists Peer – Swell Sculpture Festival 2016
Premio Neumann Foundation – Swell Sculpture Festival 2016
Kids Choice Award – Swell Sculpture Festival 2016
Premio Stipend – Harbour Sculpture 2015

Burleigh Brewing 2018


Brisbane State High School (Year 7,8,9,10) (Sculpture Program) 2020

Currumbin Community Special School (Art Program) 2019

Brisbane State High School (Year 7,8,9,10) (CREATE) 2019

Currumbin Community Special School (Art Program) 2018

Currumbin Community Special School (Art Program) 2017


World Sand Sculpting Championships (QLD) 2020

World Sand Sculpting Championships (QLD) 2019


Treasurer – Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2010-2014