Ray Anthony Mc Cray


U.S.A. – Artist Ray AnthonyMc Cray– Name artworks — Description artwork Year 2021 Contacts website https://youtu.be/GQZYYFgvFdA — Biography Ray Anthony Mc Cray works with a verity of media to construct abstract and representational collages. One of Ray’s major themes of his work is with images of jazz musicians torn from magazines and record albums. Many […]

Norma E. Lopez


U.S.A. – Artist Norma E. Lopez – Nome Opera Recycle 2019 Description artwork Recycling is an action that must be in the conscience of every individual. The great technology that has reached us must serve for the comfort of man, not for his destruction. Our electronic devices must be repaired not replaced. We are seduced […]

Erik Sommer


U.S.A. New York – Artist Erik Sommer – Nome opera — Untitled (gray glasses) — Untitled (white glasses) Description artwork Gray Glasses: The cement pair I covered with Portland Cement. I have done a few projects using cement, and really like how the seemingly heavy and ugly cement makes the objects appear fragile and delicate. […]