Luca Ceccherini


Italy – Artist Luca Ceccherini – Nome opera – La conigliera – L’ora del lupo Description artwork The series I dedicated to “Moi Aussi…” project is a tribute to the “Book of the Hunt”, a manuscript kept at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and ordered by Gaston Phébus, Count of Foix, around 1387. My interest […]

Ilaria Salvagno


Italy – Artist Ilaria Salvagno – Name artworks Di-sezione Description artwork The word “anatomy” derives from the Greek anatomḗ and it means ‘dissection’. Anatomy to know, to observe in depth, to understand and then to translate. Dissecting, in the drawing, allows you to see the interior, the container and the content, whatever the subject and […]

Walter Bernardi


Italy – Artist Walter Bernardi – Nome opera Tracce Description artwork “Signs like rock carvings, precious mosaic tiles that fit into another matter, to last over time.”<br> Walter Bernardi Year 2020 Contatti facebook instagram Traces #01 Tracce #02 Biography Walter Bernardi mosaicist and painter lives in Mel (BL). At the beginning of the […]

Rosa Mundi


Italy – Artist Rosa Mundi – Nome opera Prisoners of their own gaze – European Comunity Mediterranean – Abrahamic look – The sharp gaze Description artwork– Prisoners of their own gaze In this “canvas” Rosa Mundi explores the concept of cultural relativism, starting from the gaze of each of us. Each individual, in fact, when […]



Italy – Artist Ttozoi – Nome Opera Genius Loci Description artwork Laboratory slides or … works of art? Overall, the format that catalogs the works of TTozoi artists in the form of photographic proofs, leaves room for error. Painting and bacterial cultivation, on a support, add up molds, stains and natural oxidations. The mini-images of […]

Riccardo Garlato


Italy – Artist Riccardo Garlato – Nome opera RX 00 Year 2020 Contatti website instagram youtube RX 00 Biography  I was born in Jesolo on June 19, 1983, at 6:30 pm on a hot summer afternoon. A little later (18:35) they will pull out of my mother’s tummy what will accompany me practically everywhere […]

Mattia Novello


Italy – Artist Mattia Novello – Nome opera Lovers Description artwork When I thought about how to make this work, I began to analyse the object and its function. Aesthetics, functionality, lightness, elements linked precisely to the object. But who benefits from this? Us. I believe that love is the engine that moves our society, […]

Lisa Kostner


Italy – Artist Lisa Kostner – Description de l’œuvre d’art EmotionalEyes Description artwork Eyewear is in itself an essential object: perhaps one of the most superlative forms of design ever created. The spaces are well defined: everything you need to see. Myopia can be seen as a gift: you learn to see well with the […]

Helmut Pizzinini


Italy – Artist Helmut Pizzinini – Nome opera The tree of life Description artwork Helmut Pizzinini looks for zero and reaches zero. Zero is the perfect point, it is the point where everything is born, the center of the Earth. Noble materials, such as gold and silver, have been buried under a blanket of ultramarine […]

Giulia Bortolini


Italy – Artist Giulia Bortolini – Nome opera FRATERNITY Description artwork “Let’s give them Easter every day!” – told Michele Ferrero to his collaborators in 1974, when he gave the input for the development of a product that marked entire generations around the world: the Kinder Surprise’ egg. “Do you know why children like Easter […]

Giovanni Pinosio


Italy – Artist Giovanni Pinosio – Nome opera “Senza titolo” Description artwork I’ve always been fascinated by how beautiful and powerful the human body is, and by the many ways in which it expresses itself. I’ve been using iron wire to draw the body in space, and I’ve always been intrigued by the lines that […]

Giordano Tricarico


Italy – Artist Giordano Tricarico – Nome opera Skein Description artwork the thread, like the sign for painting, it traces a path towards the dimension in which it stops being thread and becomes shape. Through controlled randomness, the thread follows a path that is the mirror of the creative process until it creates a skein […]