Ayda Roozbayani


Iran – Artist Ayda Roozbayani – Nombre de la obra “Untitled” Year 2020 Contacto instagram https://youtu.be/zd_UUURz4_A “Untitled” https://youtu.be/ei3JHHujU1k “Untitled” Biography Ayda Roozbayani Born in Zahedan, Iran,1995. I started professional painting at the age of 18 and at university where I learned all the classic and modern painting techniques such as watercolor painting, acrylic painting, oil color painting, […]

Anahita Matin


Iran – Artist Anahita Matin – Name artworks Metamorfosi Description artwork Metamorphosis of Chador: I held her hand with her soft chador, I turned my head for a moment, and I let go of her hand, when I took her back she looked at me, but she wasn’t her. At that moment I saw in […]

Mani Kashian


Iran – Artist Mani Kashian – Nome Opera – Splash of one glass of water – Splash of a glass of oil on glasses– Splash of one glass of water – Splash of a glass of oil on glasses Description artwork– Splash of one glass of water These glasses are metaphors of spraying water and […]