Giovanni Randazzo


Colombia – Artist Giovanni Randazzo – Nome opera Minima Lumina Description artwork Minima Lumina/Sound object and vision prosthesis The device I developed for Moi Aussi project stems from a series of reflections made in 2019 on the current socio-political context of Colombia. The context still does not change. Minima Lumina There is a latent ambiguity […]

Johnny Lopez


Colombia – Artist Johnny Lopez – Nome opera Despierta del sueño Description artwork The Work itself in collaboration with “Moi Aussi…”, seen as an invitation to awaken within the consciousness of the viewer, in direct use as a utilitarian element of vision, calls for a better objective of observation from the physical world in which […]

Adriana Kanal


Colombia – Artist Adriana Kanal – Nome Opera Inside Description artwork My proposal for the “Moi Aussi…” project is inspired by the effects of the sting of a scorpion on the body. I suffered a scorpion sting a while ago and I remember that first it felt like my body was melting. The fluid penetrated […]