Tessa Bergan


Australia – Artist Tessa Bergan – Name artworks Where’s Your Wally? Description artwork The work features cable ties fanning out from the rims of the glasses in alternating colours (one pair with yellow and white, one pair with red and black). The work’s title references the popular book series ‘Where’s Wally?’ which challenges readers to […]

Philip Darnton – Dr Phil


Australia – Artist Philip Darnton Dr Phil – Nome opera – Fragmented Reality– Laced with Delight Description artwork Fragmented reality Reflecting light and some visual image distortions of the surrounds of the wearer. The more you stop to stare, the clearer you see yourself. Laced with Delight Delicate and sweet, a touch of elegance and […]

Laurie Oxenford


Australia – Artist Laurie Oxenford – Nome opera “Unfunctional” Description artwork 2021, plastic safety chain and acetate frames. The artist uses safety chains usually present in maintenance or safety management systems to render the glasses unwearable, while referencing sunglasses chains. By deconstructing the frame, she plays with functionality revealing one of many unintended possibilities of […]

Clayton Blake


Australia – Artist Clayton Blake – Nome opera Brutalist Description artwork The artwork is titled “Brutalist”. A tribute to Brutalist Architecture which emerged during the 1950’s in post war Great Britain. Brutalist buildings are characterised by minimalist construction techniques that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design. The Brutalist style commonly […]