Senegal – Artist

Baye Ndiaga

Name artworks

– Lumière
– Petit œil magique

It is necessary to wink at the little ones so that they can see the world in a better light. In these times I have noticed how everyone is threatened by political affairs. The youngest are underestimated by the older generations, in any sector, despite the fact that they are trying to raise awareness around the world. There will come a time when the clothes will no longer make the man in the same way that it has never been known to belong to anyone, regardless of age. But today the human being builds a god to entertain the world by seeking unequal justice to prove to himself that he is stronger than his next fortune, which he knows is unjust. These works reveal the selfishness of the human being towards his neighbor, underlining how much no one is indispensable to the other.






Petit œil magique


Visual artist, Baye Ndiaga Diouf was born in Dakar (Senegal) in 1991. At the age when children still draw houses and figures, he starts abstract painting at about 10, using whatever he can get his hands on. He has art in his blood. As a young shepherd, he developed this passion, spending his time drawing the baobabs and the walls of Thiadiaye, the village that saw him grow. After completing his secondary school studies, he enrolled in the evening courses of the School, the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar, paying for his lessons thanks to his carpentry activities. Three years later, he finishes his studies and starts looking for his style.
To perfect his creativity, he approached the Agit ‘Art workshop which helped him progress, participated in intensive workshops at the Espace Medina and began participating in group exhibitions (Salon des Arts Visuels SégouʼArt in Mali, Salon dʼArt Contemporain de Dakar in the National Gallery). He lives in Dakar where he has set up his own workshop.


Alem-Lʼavenir Agitʼart Laboratory (2017)
GEEW BI exhibition at the French Institute of Dakar (2020) Dakar / Senegal
Fesmir, Théodore Monod Museum at IFAN in Dakar (2019), Dakar / Senegal
10th Senegalese Fair of Visual Arts (2019)
2nd SegouʼArt Contemporary Art Fair (2019), Segou
Letter from afar answered from within, Parcourts (2019), Dakar / Senegal
Dakar Biennial, OFF (2018), Dakar / Senegal
Parcourts, Dakar Ville anarchitectural (2017), Dakar / Senegal
Lille (France) LgtOnline Gallery 2020
French Institute of Saint Louis (Li Nu Bokk) 2020
Paris France (Singulart) 2021
London: (black pearl collection) 2021