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Anna’s work «Silybum» was inspired by the beauty and subtlety of natural forms, especially the rich flora of Siberia where Anna spent her childhood. Elegant ornaments were created in a technique which reminds us of the linocut engraving. Anna works as a graphic artist and prefers to use black and white contrast strokes to emphasize the aesthetics of form. Her close-up abstract images of flowers allow viewers to slow down and enjoy the process of careful observation.
Challenging conventional ideas of beauty, Anna tried to capture the poetry of everyday life in a symbolic, more authentic way. Anna experiments with forms and she believes that simplicity is the best way to impress.
Anna Vershinina







Anna Vershinina
was born in Ulan-Ude (Russian Federation) in 1992. She graduated from the Irkutsk State Art College. In 2014 she began her study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts at the Faculty of Graphics Art and finished it in 2020. Full of life and passion, Anna reveals beauty of everyday life and derives inspiration from it. She believes that simplicity means clarity of thought. She currently lives and works in Moscow.