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Metamorphosis of Chador:
I held her hand with her soft chador, I turned my head for a moment, and I let go of her hand, when I took her back she looked at me, but she wasn’t her. At that moment I saw in front of me the flowers that danced to the rhythm of the wind and recreated the shape of her, so I ran and took her hand again.
Anahita Matin






Anahita Matin is an Iranian fashion designer born in 1985 in Tehran and based in Venice since 2011. She has a BA and MA in fashion design graduate from IUAV university of Venice, Italy, as well as fine art graduate from university of art and architecture of Tehran, Iran. Since 2005, She is the designer and co-founder of MatinDesign and A2bymatin, along with her sister. She participated and curated several fashion shows and art exhibition in Europe and Iran. The core of her works is the concept of identity, an on-going personal research that has been evolving through the years into different shapes and art works. This process culminated into the #madeintehran movement, launched as her master’s degree thesis and awarded as best thesis of the year. The movement speaks of a product not only made in Tehran, but of the identity of the fashion community that is being developed in Tehran, and of how it is constantly influenced by the social, cultural and economic state of the capital.